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Complaint Resolution Process.

Complaint Resolution Process.

For B2B Energy Customers, who have signed the contrtact through us.

We take clear consent of the customer before processing any contract. However if any of the customers is unhappy or if the customer thinks he/she was not clear while signing the contract.

We have a complete complaint resolution process.

Contact # 03301338545

Email:  Help@support786.com

Web: www.support786.com

Step 1 – Review by Customer Contact Team.

Whenever you contact us, we will aim to resolve your query within 10 working days.

Step 2

Review by your Local Manager If you are not happy with the response to your initial query and contact us again, we will acknowledge receipt of your complaint and arrange for a manager responsible for your complaint resolution.

 We will contact you within 10 working days or sooner if possible, and will do our best to resolve the problem at that stage.

 Step 3

 Referral to a Senior Manager If you are not happy with the way that the local manager has dealt with your complaint, you can ask for it to be looked at by a senior manager responsible for your region. We will contact you within 5 working days, investigate your complaint and work with you to resolve the problem.

 Step 4 – Final Review by Customer Service Director If after discussing your complaint with a senior manager responsible for your region, you are not fully satisfied by their actions, you can ask for your complaint to be formally reviewed by our Customer Service Director. We will send you a letter setting out our final position within 10 working days.

 Step 5 – Energy Ombudsman We will do all we can to solve your problem by working with you. Where appropriate we will provide an apology and an explanation of what went wrong. We will take remedial action where this is needed and also may pay compensation. However if you are still unhappy with our actions and have followed steps 1–4, or if we have been unable to resolve your complaint within 8 weeks you have the right to contact the energy ombudsman.

This is a free and independent dispute resolution service. The ombudsman will ask you for a full account of your dealings with us and they will also contact us to gain a factual understanding of the case from our perspective.

 The Ombudsman will make a final decision and inform you of the outcome.

Energy Supply Ombudsman

PO Box 966 Warrington WA4 9DF

0330 440 1624

0330 440 1625


 Other sources of advice and information These organizations may be able to provide you with independent information and advice.

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